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" APEX SPORTS..........SIMPLY THE BEST DEALER IN COLORADO!!!!!! I was searching for a 2017 KTM SX 50 Mini for my boy. He wanted one really bad but I had a hard time finding one that was new and that was the right price.......ENTER APEX SPORTS!! I called APEX and spoke with Stephen (who was amazing by the way) and told him what I was looking for. He said they had ONE and that was it. This didn't surprise me because they were really hard to find. I told him that due to my work schedule, I would not be able to come get the bike until Tuesday which was a week later. I told him I could give him a deposit and he said "no problem." I gave him $100 deposit over the phone and then came to get the bike a week later. The experience got even better!!! Stephen had the bike all ready to go back in their shop away from anyone who would want to try and sit on it or mess with it. He pulled it out, put my son on it and showed him a few pointers for riding it!! Stephen definitely went out of his way to do that. However; that is not ALL!! After I paid for the bike, Stephen brought my son a shirt and a few posters (one of which was from his own collection) and gave them to my son. The finance lady (wish I could remember her name) was SUPER NICE and let my little munchkins take like 10 key chains!! Then Stephen took us outside and showed me all the things I needed to know about the bike and started it up. He then helped me load it up and walked my wife back into the store to get a fuel can and some oil. She came out with ANOTHER poster for my son which is now on the ceiling right above his bed (at his request)!! The overall experience would be 10 stars but I'm only allowed 5. I will be back to talk to Stephen about a KTM 450 in the near future!! You Rock APEX Sports!!!!! Thanks so much for making my sons first motorcycle experience one he will not forget!!!" By: Bryan | Pueblo, CO
"Erik helped me out as always! Thanks very much!" By: Wayne | Monument, CO
"I had an excellent experience when purchasing my 750 Honda Phantom." By: Ricky | Colorado Springs, CO
"Last summer, I had a BMW F800GS, put new tires on and some rear brakes, the price was fair, but service was exceptional. Communication from the service manager was key, all things were promised and I was very happy. I was out of town and had to arrange an early morn pick up. keys were exactly as promised and tires and brakes were put on properly. I would like to get a quote on installing some electrical LED rear brake lights that were already bought from Twisted Throttle (haven't had time to put on, and bike ships up to cos soon for the summer)." By: J. | Chandler, AZ
"Great dealership and people to immerse yourself into the motorcycle experience." By: Anonymous | Colorado Springs, CC
"Travelling USA for three months. Needed to find good riding areas for street and off road. Found Apex Motorsports and spoke with Eric and Richard. MAs busy as they were they were kind enough to help me out. Many friends and fellow racers come out this way and I will be most happy to spread the word. You guys have it going on. " By: Jerry | Clearwate, FL
"Had a great sales man, Steve Booth. Thank you for everything - outstanding job. Also, the finance office I would recommend my friends to buy from Apex hands down overall experience 5 stars." By: Philip | Fountain, CO
"The drive shaft on my trike dropped out due to a U joint and Apex had me back on the road in two days. Everybody was awesome and the service excellent. I think its the first time I liked paying a repair bill. Highly recommend for anything. Thanks" By: Bob | Bemidji, MN
" We had a little tire issue last month with our K16GTL. Over the 16 years we had the K11LT, if we were not getting ~10K miles out of the rear tire it was because we were severely thrashing it. Even riding fully (over)loaded and two-up we got some pretty good mileage from the tires. Not so with the K16 (even under Gross) We learned that lesson the hard way during Day 1 of the Utah 1088 this year. At a mere 5,800 miles from new the rear tire was showing steel belts. As luck would have it, we ended up in Colorado Springs that evening. We rolled into town a bit too late to find an open shop but bright and early the next morning we found ourselves parked in front of Apex Sports. Although they didn't have the tire we *wanted*, they did have a tire we *needed* and shoved us to the front of the line. Less than an hour after they officially opened the doors, our bike had a new rear tire that we could count on carrying us the 2,400 miles we needed to rack up in the next 45 hours to make it to the finish line and be considered finishers. Needless to say the 15 hour delay was enough to put any chance of winning to rest, but we still had fun, still finished the rally, and still scored a few points along the way. Thank you, Apex Sports, for going out of your way to help a couple of fools to complete their challenge. " By: Stephen
"We were here on vacation and our 4-wheeler broke down. Lance was excellent!! He was very professional and informative. We ended up coming back the next day and bought a new 4-wheeler. He made it very easy and smooth. Thank you. We will definitely recommend Apex Sports. " By: Jared | Bon Aqua , TN
"About two weeks ago me and my bro, Montanna, were passing through Colorado Springs on an adventure from Maryland. Just so happened we needed two tires for my bike and a fork seal job, and John needed a rear tire. With a phone call and early arrival on Wednesday morning, I think it was. We were back riding up Pikes Peak by 12:30. Want to say many thanks to little Chris at the parts counter, many thanks to Levi in service. and a BIG thanks to Jeff Grace for doing a little extra and teaching us a few things! The whole damn place was fucking awesome! email me back, I would like to send you guys some photos of our 3000 mile dirt adventure! -the Dirt Boys" By: Rick | Myersville, MD
"I was in Colorado over the weekend and bought a bike unexpectedly. I found Apex on Google and came in at the end of the day to get a helmet and jacket for the ride home. The sales associate, Pete, asked me what my head measurement was. I laughed and said "medium, I think." He then told me that's not how we do it here, we make sure that your gear fits before you leave. Pete stayed past closing to make sure I had a helmet and a jacket that fit me to a T. This may sound silly up to now, however the next day I went down on my bike at 55 mph. My helmet and jacket did the job!!! I walked away from a crash that could/should have killed me. I thank God and Pete I am only bruised. Apex and Pete ROCK!!!" By: Nancy | Albuquerque, NM
"One of the best dealerships and service departments I've ever been to. Back in the beginning of June my front wheel bearing went out the morning after I did Pikes Peak (thankfully it didn't happen on the peak). I called these guys and they said that if I could get the bike there within the hour they would be able to fit me in. I was back on the road in a couple of hours. Big thanks to these guys. I would highly recommend them to anyone if you are in that area. Friendly service staff and very knowledgeable." By: Kenneth | New Caney , TX
"While on a road/camping trip though Colorado and after 3 days of hard riding on some of the greatest roads in the U.S.A. my ST 1300 trashed the left shoulder of the rear tire. 800 miles and Pikes Pike between me and the house. I needed some HELP! I called Apex late Wednesday and they had the tire I needed. They set me up for 1st call Thursday at 9AM and the service department had the scooter ready to go in a hour. Great service, and they recommended the Kings Chef, great food." By: Chris | Belton, TX
"Want to give many thanks to parts and service staff at Apex. On a recent trip to Colorado I had a very bad experience in Denver with another motorcycle dealership. I was left with a Goldwing in need of tires and brakes and questionable overall bike condition. Found my way down to Colorado Springs on my way back to Texas. Stopped in at Apex, discussed my situation and the service manager who said he would have the bike ready within 3 hours. We literally walked across the street to Arby's for lunch, went back to Apex and within 30 minutes the bike was wheeled out of the service department "road ready." The bike performed great after the service. Can't say enough about how comforting it is to find a dealership like Apex out on the road. Great team. Many thanks! Mark G." By: Mark | Rowlett, TX
"My sales experience was wonderful. Quick, easy, and to the point. If the answers were not known they were searched down quickly." By: Michael | Pueblo West, CO
"I purchased a Triumph Speedmaster in May, 2012 from Apex and could not be more pleased with the motorcycle and my decision to buy from Apex. The sales representative, Steve Booth, impressed me by remaining entirely focused while I described my wants/needs, and helped guide me to the correct purchase. Additionally, the final purchase price was not only fair, but lower than what I had expected. Financial documents were prepared quickly and accurately. Steve even called to make sure that I made it home safely. They earned by business and have gained a fully satisfied customer." By: Gary Canon | City, CO
"Thanks to all the staff at Apex for helping me find a fuel pump and replacing the fuel pump on our Goldwing after breaking down in Colorado. Also for allowing me to use your tools to reattach my side-car. You helped us get back on the road to finish our vacation as quickly as you could. We had a wonderful vacation and made it home to Kentucky safe and sound. Thanks, Daryl and Mary Gene McDaniels, KY" By: Daryl | McDaniels, KY
"Many thanks for the fine service staff when we broke down on a recent trip through Colorado Springs. Tom stayed after closing until the tow truck was able to get us there, and Dennis made every effort to get the bike back on the road as soon as possible. I was delighted to learn that Apex is the continuation of Don's Honda, where I bought my first motorcycle in 1983, and that the people are just as friendly and competent as ever." By: David | San Antonio, TX
"I just purchased a new 2009 CBR1000RR with ABS from Apex. Phil and Sheri were very helpful. I stopped in to see if they had this bike in stock and had a nice chat with Phil about this and other bikes in general. Visited again the next day and discussed pricing with Sheri. We managed to get the figures in the ball park. So, I brought in my trade for Mike to look over and we struck the deal. Easy, open transaction without the feeling like someone was trying to take advantage of me. I really like the team at Apex; this is my third motorcycle purchase from them!" By: Larry | Fountain, CC
"Finally got my first "real" bike since learning how to ride on my friend's Rebel 250. Went in to Apex to look a one bike and ended up buying a different one! The deal was too good to pass up!! Brand new bike and enjoying every time I ride. Great customer service. Sheri was so helpful and understanding. Always a smile on her face." By: John | Fountain, CO
"I recently purchased an ATV from Apex Sports and I couldn't be happier with it. The sales staff was flexible and very friendly. I also purchased riding equipment from Apex. It was priced very well against competitors." By: Andy | Peterson AFB, CO
"I love your store! :)" By: Anonymous
"Friendly, knowledgeable, helpful service from everyone I encountered, and Dennis is awesome! My first time at Apex, but definitely not my last! " By: Dom | Avondale, CO
"Got a great bike for a great price! I am now looking for something bigger! And I would like to get it from you all?" By: Garroll L. | Divide, DC
"I would like to give a special recognition to your sales staff. Every time my husband I and come by, the staff is very approachable, friendly and helpful. We're considering buying a 4th time from Apex and have talked to Phil Thornton, who has been wonderful. Your service is greatly appreciated! Charlotte" By: Charlotte | Woodland Park, CO
"The guys working at the parts department always make sure that I get the right things and give me ideas for things that I need help with. " By: Nathan | Cascade, CO
"Excellent parts inventory. Great prices. Outstanding service!" By: Carter | Lakewood, CO
"You guys rock! " By: Anonymous | Colorado Springs, CO
"The sales staff was very helpful in assisting me in my purchase. I will return to this dealership because they did not try to misrepresent or force my decision. Thanks for the opportunity to work with such a great staff." By: David W. | Manitou Springs, CO
"Thursday 4/2/09 came to Apex looking for a helmet and hand guards. Eric, I think, was the parts man that came over and helped. I found a helmet on sale, actually $100 less than at the BMW shop and he got me the exact hand guards for my DR which I just installed today. Thanks for the help and the good service, parts and motorcycles I have always got from you. Just wish you guys could have gotten a BMW franchise. 35 years of motorcycling and you guys are still my favourite shop." By: George | Canon City, CO
"The experience we have had with APEX overall is priceless. Employees, go out of their way to make sure that your taken care of. If they don't have it they will order it." By: Kelly | Colorado Springs , CO
" Outstanding deal! Friendly, knowledgeable staff. Very quick and painless! Thanks! Joe Frei" By: Joe | Colorado Springs, CO
" I recently purchased a new Triumph Tiger 1050 from Apex. I'd done a search of Triumph dealers within a days drive from Durango, looking for a blue Tiger. I got Lance when I called Apex and he was very pleasant and not what I've come to associate as a motorcycle salesman (not pushy and overbearing). No pressure but knew his product and what was available and we discussed prices. He was very helpful on financing issues while dealing on price. He called me back very timely with answers. I feel that I got a fair deal and Apex must have also as I purchased a bike. He acted just like a real friend when I drove the 5 1/2 hours to pick it up a week later, even helping load it in my pick-up and securing it. I was a bit leery of Apex as I'd read on a Triumph forum site that Apex wasn't the dealer of choice for three local Colorado Springs buyers, but I have nothing but good to say about my experience with Apex. I won't hesitate to recommend Apex and Lance to anyone!" By: Gip | Durango, CO
"Ron was very helpful. He reserved the ATV we requested over the phone, answered questions when we arrived at the showroom, and answered our questions about service and the problems with our original ATV. Your service department was most helpful ( I don't remember the serviceman's name.) Thanks for the t-shirts." By: Duane | Hugo, AR
"I have done at least 7 bike deals at Apex, and every one of them have been flawless and easy. But it is the service after the sale that makes Apex really shine. These people are truly friendly ,and they know their business." By: Jeff | Aurora, CO
"Your service and parts departments are great. They are always professional and know their product. " By: Bill | Divide, DC
"Apex rocks. Its a simple formula. They treat folks good give them a good price and don't add any weird hidden fees or creepy stuff later in the deal. The staff at Apex actually ride bikes and are super knowledgeable about the assorted brands and products. The prices are always fair upfront and spot on. No need to waste your valuable time driving around the country when the best is right here in town! A+ Experience." By: Chuck | Colorado Springs, CO
"I recently bought a 2007 VTX1300. The salesman, Lance, was very helpful and knowledgeable about his bikes and never gave me a hard sell. I was even able to test ride a brand new bike. Of course, somebody ran into my bike 2 weeks later in a parking lot. I brought it in for repairs and TC in the service shop was able to estimate the damage and cost immediately, he even adjusted the front end that day so I can continue riding until the parts arrive. I can't imagine going anywhere else for my motorcycle needs." By: Lloyd | Monument, CO
"I made the mistake of taking my bike to a dealer closer to my home. They said they could put tires on my Valkyrie; tires I had bought at Apex. They scratched my rims, nicked my fork, and mangled my rear axle end. Frustrated and angry, I never went back. I was trying to save some time, but it just cost me money and damage; damage to a showroom condition bike. That was the only time I used another garage." By: Kyle | Canon City, CO
"If you go to Apex looking for that particular something that you need related to motorcycling, you're are in the right place, this people will take care of you. Thanks, Apex!!!" By: Israel | Colorado Springs, CO
"I purchased a 1997 Goldwing. It was a great experience. Everyone is extremely nice and asking to see if they can help. If you want a knowledgeable salesman, ask for Ron." By: Bob | Woodland Park, CO
"Eric Porter and the guys in parts are the most professional and helpful individuals I have ever dealt with at a bike shop. Great service, great attitudes, what more could you ask for!" By: Anonymous | Colorado Springs, CO
"From the second we contacted Gary at Apex, I was excited about the purchase of my 2008 Triumph Bonneville. Gary was great. He answered all of the questions I asked. He offered fabulous deals for an extra savings and he made sure the paperwork part was quick and painless. He had the bike ready to go for me and when I returned it for the great accessories, it was serviced without delay. I love my new Triumph and I had a wonderful experience buying it through Apex Sports and Gary. Thanks Guys! You made me a happy man!" By: Spencer Colorado Springs, CO
"you're the best dealers in town. You helped me out so much and you're cheap too. Thank you." By: Jacob | Colorado Springs, CO
"Always great services at the parts department. Also convenience price. I live and work in Puerto Rico (PR) with a main office in COS, always try to stop at the store for any missing part for one of my bikes (Suzuki 800VS Intruder, Triumph Speed Four and Daytona 675), also if necessary I call from PR and the service is as in person. They delivery my parts with no doubts as others. Keep giving that great support to your customers and will be doing business another 100 years. Luis" By: Luis | San Juan, PR
"I've been riding bikes for 21 years now, have lived in 6 states, and this is by far the BEST DEALERSHIP that I have ever had the pleasure of being a customer to. They have the best service, sales, and parts departments in Colorado. Their staff will always go the extra mile to assist you in any way they can. APEX will continue to have my business as long as I live in this state." By: Craig | Colorado Springs, CO
"Bought my new 2008 FJR 1300 on Feb 29th 2008. I called and talked to Gary who had the bike ready to go when I walked in the door. I have been waiting a long time for this bike. Gary explained all the new changes to the bike and even set it up for me to ride, even though I knew I was going to buy it right then and there. The staff is great and filling the paperwork out was fast. It took about an hour from the time I walked in the store to riding off on my new bike! Too bad you all don't make the photo calendars like you all did when I bought my FZ1000 back in 2001. That would have rocked!" By: Dean | Colorado Springs, CO
"I Have a 2006 Goldwing and this is the only place I will have work done on it. Price is the best and so is the service! Thank you, Larry" By: Larry | Pueblo, CO
"Julie Reith and I purchased two Cruisers in 2006 and your sales department and parts department and everyone is second to no one. You all do great work and we love the bikes and when mine is put back together I will be in to pick it up. You all are wonderful and Julie and I will go nowhere for parts and service except Apex. I hope you all have a great year. Randy Chapman" By: Randy | Colorado Springs, CO
"I've purchased two motorcycles from Apex now. They are very easy to deal with an there were no surprises or hidden fees. Their sales staff is very easy to work with and knows their products. " By: Todd | Fountain, CO
"My family has dealt with Apex since they first opened, and not once have we ever encountered a problem with service, sales or parts departments. They all have greeted us with utmost respect every time we're in, whether we're buying or browsing! Thank you for many years of outstanding service Apex! Your employees need to be commended! Sincerely, Ron and Family " By: Ron | Colorado Springs, CO
"Apex is by far the leader in Colorado Springs for motorcycle/ATV sales, service, and accessories. Professionalism and selection hands down beats other shops in the area." By: Will | Colorado Springs, CO
"APEX has become my dealer of choice for everything. I will go out of my way just to make a purchase for parts or even a new bike. I bought 2 this year! The parts department is first class. All very knowledgeable. The sales department is second to none. Keep up the good work and I'll look forward to coming back!" By: Anonymous | Simla, CO
"apex employees are very nice, cheerful, and helpful. I can go to the parts department and those guys really know their stuff. Keep up the great work! " By: Jason | Colorado Springs, CO